Chestnut - Gumvein

Chestnut - Gumvein, is the closest match to Marri.

Gumvein Chestnut is the Eastern States version of WA Marri. With its deep veins and knots, it will add warm to any home. The main difference between, Gumvein Chestnut and WA Marri, is that it is more consistent in colour. The trees are quite straight, which allows longer lengths for flooring and wide boards. Where WA Marri can display a vast array of colours, Gumvein Chestnut tends to have a more brown, blonde tone carried through it.

It is through years of the trees being affected by fires, droughts, floods, winds and insects, that the Gumvein Chestnut has come about.

85 x 14mm

105 x 14mm

130 x 14mm

Other sizes and grades available

Prices are subject to change without notice.

Janka (Hardness) Rating: 8.1

**We can provide you with a completely environmentally, health friendly floor. Ask us today**

We were very impressed with the completion of the floors. They changed the complexion of the house and compliment the design nicely. I guess the big test is that they stand up to the test of time.
Thank you to you and the team for your assistance and co-operation during a fairly drawn out period of installation. It is unfortunate that we were not able to be on site during any of the process, but I felt confident that we would be provided with a good quality product.
Yours sincerely, Ken Beatty

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