Wormy Chestnut

The feature of the wormy chestnut, is created from the tree being affected by fires, drought, flood and attacks by insects.

The Wormy Chestnut is one of the feature grades from the Chestnut range. It is a blend of species, these being Messmate, Southern Beech and Silvertop or Black Ash. The insects of the bush lands have definitely left their signature in this timber. In particular, the Ambrosia beetle has left the timber with interesting pin holes, and worms have left their squiggly trails behind

85 x 14mm - $63.00

105 x 14mm - $67.00

130 x 14mm - $69.00

Other sizes and grades available

Prices are subject to change without notice.

Prices are /m2 and include GST

Janka (Hardness) Rating: 8.1

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Timber is a great choice for floor coverings. It will not collect dust or conceal dirt, making it the perfect choice for asthma and hay fever sufferers

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