Solid Timber Flooring is hard wearing, long lasting, easy to care for and may be resurfaced many times.

Timber Flooring is great for asthma sufferers as it does not harbor dust mites and other allergens. Timber is a better choice for the environment as it is one of the world's only truly renewable resources and once the flooring is laid it is there for the life of the house.


* Timber Flooring is often referred to as a 'living' floor :-

Timber continues to move long after it has been removed from the tree. Have you noticed (especially in older houses) that a timber door can move freely in summer and stick in winter?

* Half the dry weight of Timber is carbon :-

The Australian forestry was measured as being the only carbon positive industry in Australia.

* Timber Flooring emits less greenhouse gases :-

This is 10 times less than a concrete slab or steel sub frame, and 5 times less than ceramic floor tiles.

* Timber Flooring lasts longer :-

Timber flooring has a service life of approximately 100yrs, carpet is 10 - 15years.

* You need to be realistic when choosing a Timber Floor :-

This is not a man-made product. Understand that no two trees are the same, therefore what your friend may have, will be different to what you will have.

Remember, Timber Flooring is not just a floor covering. It will bring life and enjoyment to your home for years to come!!

We also offer CARPET, LAMINATE, ENGINEERED, HYBRIDS and VINYL floor coverings