European Oak

Oak trees tends to grow in large stands with wide trunks. Because of these wide trunks, wide, long boards are commonly available

Colour of European Oak flooring can range form light browns to a dark tan. The sapwood tends to be lighter in color with the grain displaying a slight silvery structure

European Oak is the perfect timber for staining. It is for this reason, that Oak is the most common timber used for engineered boards. With it's love of being stained, wire brushed and coated, the sky is the limit when it comes to creating your perfect look

Available in many sizes. A few of these sizes include:

180 x 18mm - Select 1
125 x 18mm - Select

180 x 18mm - Standard & Better 
125 x 18mm - Standard & Better

Prices are subject to change without notice

Janka (Hardness) Rating : 5.5

**We can provide you with a completely environmentally, health friendly floor. Ask us today**

European and American Oak are commonly used for barrels to age red wines and a range a liquors. So lets face it. Any wood that can produce a fine wine, is a good wood indeed.


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