Blackbutt (WA)

WA Blackbutt Timber Flooring colour ranges from sandy creams to pale browns.

The Blackbutt tree grows up to 70 metres in height, it's grain is usually straight and it's texture medium and even. Blackbutt grows in small strands amongst Karri and Jarrah forests. Its availability is limited, which makes this wood a priced possession for any home. This wood can display gum and veins giving it a unique look. It is a particularly strong timber.

85 x 12mm - Select
85 x 12mm - Standard & Better
85 x 12mm - Feature

105 x 12mm - Select
105 x 12mm - Standard & Better

130 x 14mm - Standard & Better
130 x 14mm - Feature

Other sizes and grades available

Janka (Hardness) Rating: 9.1

**We can provide you with a completely environmentally, health friendly floor. Ask us today**


I was recommended to use Ultimate Flooring & Interiors, and having done so would highly recommend them to anyone else. Not only were they punctual, tidy and very professional, but they exceeded my expectation of what my timber floor would look like.
Outstanding work, outstanding service and above all outstanding finish product.
Thanks guys!!! Bianca Wise

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