Sheoak Timber Flooring is like no other. It is one of the rarest and most spectacular woods in the world. It grows primarily on the south coast of the south west of WA.

It is one of the most stable timbers, as it is almost waterproof. As this wood is becoming more difficult to source, it can be expensive. However, the addition of this wood to any home would make it a valued possession.

Sheoaks colour varies from golden orange to red orange to even burgundy.

Available in Select.
Sizes are :
70 x10mm
90 x 10mm
115 x 10mm

Janka ( Hardness ) Rating : 5

**We can provide you with a completely environmentally, health friendly floor. Ask us today**

Did you know, that before man-made products, Sheoaks main use was for barrels and is still used for roof shingles.

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