Tuart Timber Flooring is becoming hard to source, making it a prized possession for any home.

Ludlow in Busselton, is recognised as the largest Tuart forest in the world. However, due to heavy mining, the density of this forest has greatly diminished and logging has stopped. For this reason, Tuart can be hard to source. It is normally found in a farmer's shed, who has had it stored away for many years

One of the main features of Tuart is that it's trunk is often between one-third and one-half of the total height of the tree. This allows long, straight boards to be milled, and gives Tuart its incredible hardness and durability.

As this timber is hard to source, you will have to come in to our showroom to discuss pricing

Janka (Hardness) Rating : 11

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Did you know that Tuart is mainly used where strength, solidity and durability are required characteristics. Hence, Tuart has been used for keels, stern posts and bridge supports.

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